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    Vanua Chocolate is a bean to Bar craft chocolate company based in the Fiji Islands. We craft dark chocolate from cacao and sugar of Fiji origin. Vanua Chocolate was started by Arif from Ba, Fiji Islands. One day, while passing an agriculture office in Rakiraki, Vitilevu, he saw bags of cocoa beans that had not been picked up by the buyer. The cocoa farmers lacked a consistent market. Arif went on to learn all about cocoa and chocolate making in the US and was inspired by the craft chocolate revolution unfolding that led to the birth of Vanua Chocolate in Nadi, Fiji Islands.



    Whats behind the name Vanua Chocolate?

    Vanua Chocolate Kamikamica ( Tasty)

    The word "Vanua" has a deep meaning for Fijians. It is the land, people and culture working in harmony . It provides a sense of identity and belonging. Vanua Chocolate is dedicated to the Fijian cacao farmers who did not abandon their cacao farms when Fiji’s cocoa industry became domart. Now, Vanua Chocolate, CacaoFiji and the Fijian cacao farmers are now working together in the revival of the Fijian cacao industry.

    Vanua Chocolate Factory / Zest Cafe , Challenge Plaza, Nadi

    Fijian Craft Chocolate

    Stop by for a free sample of chocolate before you buy your favorite Fijian craft chocolate. Friendly barista happy to serve your favorite coffee drink and Vanua Chocolate infused cake.

    Duty Free Stores

    Fijian Craft Chocolate

    Our chocolate is now available in duty free stores at the airport and in major cities.