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    Rakiraki 60%Dark Viti Levu
    Origin: Nunokoloa, Rakiraki Province
    Type: Forestero Amelonado
    Favor notes:
    The first aroma is intense toffee and deep sweet impression of dried fruits.
    Rakiraki is a district in Fiji Ra Province. It is located about halfway between Suva and Nadi when travelling along the Kings Road, on the northern coast of Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island. Prominent landmarks include Navatu Rock in Vitawa village, believed to be one of Fiji's oldest human settlements.
    Pottery excavated at the base of the rock has been dated to around 1000BC. The tomb of Ratu Udre Udre,a famous 19th century cannibal chief
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    CacaoFiji, Dreketi 60%Dark
    Vanua chocolate Dreketi 60% is made from Cacaofiji beans and Fiji cane sugar. These beans are from Dreketi, Vanua Levu. It has unique fruity and chocolatey notes. The aroma is of raisins. That deeply sweet impression of dried fruits and vanilla. In 2015, the beans from this farm were recognized in the Top 50 category of the International Cocoa Awards , Paris, France.
    All of our single-origin bars are made with just cocoa beans and sugar, no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla.
    2oz (57g
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