Learn more about Bean-To-Bar Chocolate Process.


    1. What does Bean-to-Bar mean?  "Bean to Bar or Craft chocolate "means that the chocolate maker is responsible for the entire process of making chocolate- from sourcing and roasting the beans to winnowing, grinding, tempering and molding.


    1. How does a cocoa bean became a chocolate bar? After roasting the beans are crushed to release the internal "nib" from the shells. They are then blown through an air tunnel. This winnowing process blows the shell fragments up and away from the cocoa nibs. The nibs are then ground into a thick brown liquid called cocoa liqour.



    1. What does the percentage mean? (example 60% Dreketi). This bar is 60% which would mean that 60% of its weight comes from ground up cocoabeans. We use two ingredients it’s a simple ratio by weight of cocoa nibs to sugar.


    1. What is Single Origin Chocolate? Single-origin chocolate is an engaging, sensory-driven experience. Made with cocoa beans sourced from a specific country, plantation, or small family-owned farm, single-origin bars are full of distinctive flavors.


    1. What is “Tasting Notes” in a craft chocolate bar? The ‘Tasting Notes’ are flavors you may find while tasting that chocolate, these flavors are coming from the bean itself without any additional flavors to the bar



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