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Vanua Chocolate releases its 70% Dark Chocolate.

This follows the success of 60% Fijian Chocolate

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After an introduction in the market with 60% Fijian chocolate from the islands of Viti and Vanua Levu, Vanua chocolate has just released its 70% Dreketi Dark Chocolate. The origin of the beans are from Dreketi, Vanua Levu which is an award winning bean achieving numerous awards from different chocolate makers around the world.

Chocolate is among the most popular and widely consumed food item across the globe. Based on the amount of cocoa added to the preparation, chocolates are produced in various varieties. One such variety is dark chocolate. A bit bitter in taste due to high percentage of cocoa, ranging from 70% to 100%, and less amount of sugar, dark chocolate is gradually becoming the most preferred one in the market. The global dark chocolate market is prognosticated to witness growth owing to rise in number of health conscious people. Moreover, people suffering from diabetes are also getting a golden opportunities to satiate their craving for chocolates. This is another driver fuelling the demand in dark chocolate market.

Chocolates are also used as functional foods, due to their high nutritional value. It is also popular as a stress relieving agent. These factors makes dark chocolates a preferred option among the people globally.

Dark chocolates are even a great preventer of cancers. Increasing awareness among the people about its medical benefits and its anti-oxidant properties is supporting the rise in demand in dark chocolate market. Vanua Chocolate uses only natural ingredients mainly cocoa and low % of sugar in its chocolates. The product is available from its factory and café in Waqadra, Nadi as well as from all major Duty Free Stores.

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