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Vanua chocolate now available at local Extra Supermarket

Promoting Fijian dark chocolate for a healthy living

You can now find your favourite selection of Fine Fijian flavour chocolate at your local supermarket in Suva and Lautoka. Extra Supermarket a fast growing chain of speciality products is located at Tappoos city in Lautoka and in Flagstaff, Suva, in front of Marist Brothers High school.

“There has been a wide interest from the Suva market of expats and locals who are more conscious of eating dark chocolate.” Quoted founder Arif. We have previously been shipping from Nadi for some of our customers but chocolate is delicate so we are happy with the supermarket arrangement.

The chocolate bars retail for $9.95 with a selection of Dreketi, Vanua Levu 60% cacao, Rakiraki , VitiLevu 60% , our selection of Kava, Sea Salt and Chilli infusions . The cocoa beans are sourced locally from the largest cocoa exporter Cacao Fiji that was selected as Top 50 beans at the International Cocoa Awards in France in 2015.

We are also rolling out 100gram of cacao nibs as well. Vanua chocolate flavours are only two ingredients with high % of cocoa and low sugar. The flavours are origin based as we have carefully separated the beans and developed unique flavour profiles for different origin bars. The bars are gluten free and healthy.


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